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Why take action on plastic waste?

8 million tons of plastic waste wash into our oceans every year, wreaking havoc on our marine ecosystems. Meanwhile, our landfills are overflowing with plastic trash, leaching into our groundwater without decomposing for thousands of years. Thankfully, these environmental issues are coming further to the forefront of public discourse on sustainability. Consumers are opting for more sustainable alternatives and are voting with their dollars in favor of conscious brands. Show your users that you take your environmental responsibility seriously. Be part of the solution and serve as a thought leader in your industry by going PlasticNeutral today.

What does it mean for our business to get certified Plastic Neutral?

With the Plastic Neutral Certification you are committing to a solution that is bringing our world a step closer to a circular economy. The Certification is a signal to your consumers that you have taken responsibility for your plastic usage. First, we measure your unique plastic footprint to understand your plastic consumption patterns. Second, you fund the collection of an equivalent volume of ocean or landfill bound plastic waste that otherwise would not have been recovered. Third, we help you reduce your plastic footprint going forward. We help you compensate for every kilogram or pound of plastic you put out into the world. Explore our various customizable solutions here.

How do I know which solution is right for my business?

Sign up for a free 30 minute introduction call with someone from our fantastic team! We'll take the time to understand your sustainability goals, and provide a PlasticNeutral plan customized just for you.

The Plastic Neutral Journey

How do we measure our company’s plastic footprint?

Plastic is ubiquitous - from workroom snacks, to office cleaning supplies, to shipment packaging, companies are drowning in plastic without being aware of how much they use across operations daily. We help you walk through your consumption and gather data that can help you determine your unique plastic footprint. Don't worry, it's much less daunting than it sounds. Reach out to us to learn more on how we can help.

What does taking responsibility for our plastic footprint entail?

Two things: 1. You compensate for your current footprint by funding the recovery and recycling of an equivalent amount. 2. We work together to help you reduce your plastic usage going forward through exclusive webinars on industry trends, designing closed loop models for your product, providing alternative material options and more.

Does rePurpose Global help us communicate our impact to our consumers?

Yes! Once you get certified, you will be licensed to use the Plastic Neutral logo on your product packaging, both online and offline, as a clear signal of your thought leadership. We also have a dedicated marketing team that creates special landing pages, social media collaterals, customized videos from the ground and more to help you frame your impact in the most meaningful way possible.

Is reduction better than recycling? Are we greenwashing our footprint by compensating for it?

This is a tough question. The short answer is - Yes. The long answer is that we understand it's difficult to completely eradicate plastic from our lives overnight, and we want to help you create the right kind of impact starting today. Now here is the very long answer: 1. Often times plastic isn't the problem, plastic waste is. By increasing the capacity of waste worker organizations, we are directly working to establish grassroots-level systems that intercept plastic waste before it turns into an environmental pollutant. This is a systemic intervention that has long-term implications far beyond the recovery of plastic equivalent to your footprint. 2. A lot of material alternatives available right now do not necessarily have a net positive impact compared to plastic. We want you to make a holisticially thought-out decision that isn't rushed when considering a replacement. For example, if we look at the entire lifecycle of a cotton bag including the water and energy used in growing the cotton, we'd need to reuse it over 7000 times for it to be better for the environment than a single plastic bag. 3. These grassroots networks can also unlock more sustainable systems that truly close the resource loop. For example, they can be used to establish product-recovery models wherein reusable packaging is collected from consumers, cleaned, and subsequently sent back to manufacturers for reuse. 4. We do also help you reduce your footprint! You will receive continous communication from us in the form of newsletters and webinars to keep you informed about industry trends, new alternatives, ideas for circular supply chains and more! Each year, over 8 million tons of plastic finds its way into our oceans. We fund recycling as a solution for today, and continuously work to find better solutions for tomorrow.

Your Impact

Where does our money go?

Typically, for every $0.5 that you contribute, rePurpose Global removes and recycles an additional one kilogram of plastic waste otherwise bound for oceans, landfills, or incineration. rePurpose Global works with vetted recycling social enterprises in Asia, Africa, and South America. These organizations have decades of experience in building waste management systems and integrating marginalized informal waste pickers into their operations. They are well-equipped to deal with the plastic menace across the developing world, but are often underfunded and unable to scale up their social & environmental impact. Your Plastic Neutral contributions helps fund and expand their crucial work in both lifting marginalized waste pickers out of poverty and keeping plastic away from our environment. Learn more about our impact here.

How does rePurpose Global verify impact creation on the ground?

We have instituted multiple internal and third-party checks and balances to ensure verifiable impact creation. Here are some of our initiatives to guarantee additionality: 1. The Plastic Neutral Protocol - We have built the first-ever set of guidelines to ensure our ground partners’ operations are carried out in a sound and ethical manner. Reach out to learn more about the environmental and socioeconomic standards we set. 2. Internal Verifications: We embed our staff into our supply chains to carry out continuous due diligence. We communicate these compliance and environmental impact metrics with you consistently throughout our partnership. 3. External Audit: You also have the option of bringing in external audit agencies to assure the ethicality of our waste supply chains. 4. The 3RI Initiative: We are proud members of Verra’s Technical Advisory Group, convened by the likes of Nestle, Danone, and the World Wildlife Fund to create the world’s first plastic crediting standard on par with the carbon offset standards.

What does '100% Additionality' mean?

We require all the projects we onboard to meet our definition of 100% Additionality. That is, every dollar that we spend creating impact goes towards recovering or recycling plastic that otherwise definitely would have ended up in the oceans or in landfills. For instance, urban India has relatively high recycling rates for PET because of an extensive informal recycling sector. Therefore picking up a plastic bottle there would not be as additional as it would be in an area with no recycling system at all.

Will the environmental interventions happen in my city?

We believe that plastic is a global issue that needs a global problem. We compensate for your plastic footprint by funding recovery and recycling projects in regions that have been forced to bear the brunt of the world's waste burden. Here is something you may have not known - wealthier Western countries produce way more plastic than they have the infrastructure to recycle and ship most of their waste abroad. According to the Plastic Pollution Coalition, the US exported 1.07 million tons of plastic waste in 2018, about one third of its recycling. Data taken from the US Census Bureau shows that 78% of those exports were sent to countries with poor waste management. These countries, such as India, Malaysia and Indonesia lack the infrastructure and regulation to effectively and sustainably sort, process, and recycle plastic waste into new materials. You can find our projects spanning cities in South America, Africa, and Asia.

How does the Plastic Neutral platform also facilitate socioeconomic impact?

The informal waste sectors in most countries comprise of some of the world’s poorest and marginalized groups of people. Tens of millions of 'waste pickers' and workers are systematically exploited by buyers higher up in the supply chain. As a result, these environmental heroes are trapped in abject poverty, earning not nearly enough to afford a dignified life for themselves and their families. With rePurpose Global, you also help in transitioning these workers into the formal sector with sustainable wages, health insurance, and more.

How do you choose your impact partners?

We look for three defining features in the organizations we work with: 1. Ethical working conditions - our partner organizations are dedicated to ensuring that all employees receive minimum wages or above, fair working conditions free of exploitation, and social benefits such as health insurance. 2. Track record of efficient impact - we vet the organizations thoroughly to ensure that they are not just experienced and passionate about creating positive social and environmental change, but that they also do so in the most productive and resource-efficient manner. 3. Focus on creative innovation - the circular economy space is constantly evolving and we look for organizations who have a thirst to remain at the forefront of such innovation. Do you know an organization that would be the right fit for us? Let us know!

Learn more about your Plastic Neutral Journey

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered here, feel free to email us at LetsTalk@rePurpose.Global! We promise to get back to you within 48 hours.

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