Witness Change Goes PlasticNeutral

Because We Believe Change Is Possible. 

Witness Change is a not for profit organisation dedicated to improving the lives of excluded groups by amplifying their stories through visual storytelling. 

2. Compensate

Here's how Witness Change became a member of the Plastic Neutral community

1. Measure

Each member of Witness Change measured their unique plastic footprint based on their lifestyle patterns. Together, we consume about 581 kgs of plastic annually.

Through rePurpose Global, Witness Change funds the removal of an equivalent amount of low value plastic waste in partnership with Waste Ventures India, a social enterprise creating systemic grass roots change.

3. Reduce

The Witness Change team is enrolled in a ConsciousLiving program with personalized tips and tools to help reduce their plastic consumption.

581 kilograms of plastic removed from the environment

Additional income for 3 waste worker families

Systemic capacity creation at our impact partner facility in Hyderabad, India 

Offset Enabler: 

Witness Change

Global Network

Offset Implementor: 

Waste Ventures India

Hyderabad, India

This is how much plastic you waste every year. 

Find out how you can go PlasticNeutral today. 

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rePurpose Global is a global community of conscious consumers and businesses going Plastic Neutral. As the world’s first Plastic Credit Platform, we help companies take effortless & impactful climate action by financing the removal of ocean-bound plastic while greening their product experience to engage and retain purposeful consumers.